Sound Studies and Sonic Arts

Sound Studies and Sonic Arts is a low-residency, part-time postgraduate program, that is aimed at professionals working in the field of sound with a university degree or exceeding creative talent. The program serves to deepen theoretical and practical skills audio related theory and practice, particularly in cultural studies, musicology, aesthetics, sound art, performance, architecture, design and media production.
Sound Studies and Sonic Arts is run by the Berlin University of the Art’s Berlin Career College, an institute that bundles the school’s efforts in continuing education. We maintain close ties with other UdK institutes and the Audio Communication Group of Technical University Berlin.



Sound Studies

The Master of Arts programme Sound Studies (Consecutive Master of Arts) is a degree programme offered to all persons interested in sound. Sound Studies dwell on modern auditive culture. Sound Studies are combined courses of studies: students can put the main emphasis on theoretical-scientific and artistic-conceptual approaches. The following main topics are availible: theory and history of auditory culture, auditory competence, experimental sound design, auditory media design, auditory design, and aural architecture. Sound Studies impart the necessary theoretical and practical methods, tools, and capabilities: forms of teaching and learning are projects, seminars, and workshops.

Many exciting subjects can be found at the borderline between the art of sound and music, at the interference zone between order, randomness and chaos. We explore all these determinations of boundaries in theory and practice. The subject of "sampling" should be mentioned here - a procedure that originated a new cultural experience of quoting and remixing. We also investigate sounds and the various ways in which they are generated, their organization and structure in space and time. We research the artistic possibilities of modern technology in regard to the modification, transmittance and performance of sounds. We discuss concepts such as soundscape, ambiance, and sonic experience. We conceptualize and design sound in urban spaces, develop sonic brandings of industrial products, and implement installations. We scrutinize the reciprocal effects of sound and visual stimuli, we examine the practical side of performance and reception of auditive and audiovisual art. We are curious about the various forms of sonic expression.

Up to the fall semester 2017/18 the Master of Arts Sound Studies will be replaced by the new program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts. Applications for Sound Studies (M.A.) are not possible anymore.

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