Master of Arts Music Therapy

The Master of Arts programme in Music Therapy is a postgraduate course that extends over six semesters. Seminars are held in monthly weekend teaching blocks (Thursday – Sunday) and in three intensive teaching weeks (April, August, November).

The programme focuses on clinical, artistic and scientific aspects in connection with music therapy, with the aim of enabling future music therapists to practice in clinical, rehabilitative, educational and social work-related fields. The programme is particularly suitable for graduates of the following undergraduate courses of study: Music, psychology, pedagogy, social sciences or medicine. The degree in music therapy will enable graduates to use their newly acquired skills in the area of music therapy in their initial profession or to practice as music therapists. Fully trained graduates of the course work in a variety of facilities, such as psychiatric hospitals, special schools, or other services for children, adults or elderly persons with intellectual disabilities.

In the Master of Arts programme in Music Therapy, students are prepared for clinical music therapy practice, however, theoretical and research-oriented aspects of this interdisciplinary profession are also taught. The course is accompanied by clinical placements/internships consisting of three stages: 1. Institutional Placement; 2. Observation Placement; 3. Therapy Project. In the institutional placement, students will become acquainted with a clinical institution in which music therapy is practised. In the observation placement, students will observe music therapy sessions. In the therapy project, students will conduct their own music therapy sessions, both group and individual sessions, with a client population of their choice. The Master of Arts programme in Music Therapy at UdK Berlin is subject to a fee of 330 Euros per month.

An orientation day about the Master of Arts programme in Music Therapy, which is free of charge,  is held once annually, usually in January or February. For further information contact musiktherapie[at]

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