Master of Arts Leadership in Digital Communication

The Master’s in Leadership in Digital Communication programme is a joint venture of the Univeristy of the Arts (Berlin), the Institute of Electronic Business (Berlin) and the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland).

The programme has been created to impart the essential aspects of digital communication to people without forcing them to neglect their jobs while studying (“berufsbegleitend”). The students learn about working methods which support innovation and allow them to be innovators in their professional daily lives. The interdisciplinary approach leads to a comprehensive training which prepares the students for the requirements of digital communication.

There are four main foci during the course of study:

Approved as well as unconventional methods for self-presentation, the management of teams and the leadership of projects will be introduced. Additionally, the knowledge of how to analyze, plan and develop innovative business models will be imparted.


Relevant theories, processes and models will be elaborated upon and then classified by means of practical application.

The basic parameters for the successful leadership of employees will be imparted. Your own managerial skills will be reflected upon and consciously applied.

This includes the conceptual, theoretical and creative basis for transforming contents into sound and vision creatively, with a focus on communication.

Documentation of discussion Infobesity – the meaning ist he message

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