Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS 2022 / 2023

The DAAD project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS was since 2020 a qualification program at the UdK Berlin Career College for artists in exile. Teaching goals of the advanced training program were networking in the local cultural and creative industries, strategic positioning in the respective artistic orientation, and establishment on the Berlin job market. For the prolongation from August to December 2022 and April to December 2023 four Coaching Programs plus one networking event as well as an online workshop series for artists in exile were planned and the event series Artist Training Lab about diversity oriented Transformation processes.


Coaching Program:

with workshops, excursions, consultings for Music, Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Film in May / June / September / October

10 to 16 May + 30 June FINE ARTS with Saskia Köbschall & Anton Kats 

16 to 27 June + 30 June MUSIC with Geraldine Hepp & Ganna Gryniva 

de-form/-effect. An Exhibition Meets Musical Performances 30/06/2023 – 09/07/2023 at Panda platforma 

11 to 17 September + 1 October FILM with Henner Winckler & Natalija Yefimkina 

Film Screening and Networking at Panda platforma 

29 September to 4 October PERFORMING ARTS with Nora Amin & Maryna Makarenko 

Performance & Farewell Party 21/10/2023 at uferstudios 


Archiv 2022



The Artist Training Lab: How to create a safer space (2022) was the continuation of the event series Artist Training Lab for Radical Transformation (2020/21), co-curated and moderated by Chang Nai Wen, which culminated in the symposium ARTIST CAREER FORUM II on April 11, 2021. The workshop series was developed in collaboration with the “Kommission für Chancengleichheit” (Equal Opportunity Commission) to address structural discrimination and inequality within UdK Berlin. The main topic was the Code of Conduct, which was one of the recommendations for action of the Critical Diversity Policy of the UdK Berlin and which was developed together with experts for anti-discrimination and activists. The reflection of the three workshops took place in the following interviews of participants. Moderation / Production: Johanna Madden (Alumni UdK) & Production: Sel (Student Sound Studies) & Coordinator: İpek Çınar. The podcasts were published on the Critical Diversity Blog of UdK Berlin and other providers:

#9 How to create a safer space I: Code of Conduct 21/10/2022 12-3 pm, EIN 531

Podcast mit Elena Buscaino (Studentin UdK Berlin) & Armeghan Taheri (Moderation Workshops) is here.

#10 How to create a safer space II: Anti-Discrimination-Clause 04/11/2022 12-3 pm, EIN 531

Podcast with Sonja Baltruschat (Coach) & Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz (Diversity Manager UdK Berlin) is here.

How to create a safer space @ Zukunftstag der UdK Berlin 18/11/2022 2-4 pm

#11 How to create a safer space III @ Recognizing Barriers 05/12/2022 2.30-4.30 pm

Podcast with anonymous guests of the Recognizing Barriers Day at the UdK Berlin is here.

#12 How to create a safer space IV: student experiences 03/02/2023 3-5 pm, HA201


Artist Training Lab:  Alliances - Students, Scholars and Artists at Risk (2023) is the continuation of the Artist Training Lab for Radical Transformation (2020/21) and How to Create a Safer Space (2022) event series. The series was developed to address and discuss structural discrimination within German universities, with UdK Berlin being no exception. In collaboration with the Commission for Equal Opportunities and the International Office at UdK Berlin, the Artist Training Lab Allianzen focuses on networking, inventory analysis, and coordination of programs for students, scholars, and artists at risk in the coming years.

#13 Artist Training Lab: Alliances with representatives of Berlin's universities 09/06/2023 9-12 am, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin, Room 223

Goal: Networking, inventory analysis, coordination of programs for 2024

Guests: Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch, Freie Universität Berlin, Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, studierendenWERK BERLIN, Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Gesundheit und Pflege / Abteilung Hochschulen / V G 5 – Geflüchtete sowie Integration und Migration an Hochschulen

Podcast with Sanaz Azimipour is coming soon.

#14 Alliances with Art universities 07/12/2023 2 pm to 08/12/2023 2 pm

Exchange Meeting: On the way to the postmigrant society: Program Alliances - Students, Artists and Scholars at Risk
with Prof. Dr. Kathrin Peters (Unlearning University) & Dr. Melanie Waldheim (Artist Training)
Opening: Prof. Dr. Ariane Jeßulat, Vice president UdK Berlin & Input: Alejandra Nieves Camacho, Diversity Manager
Podcast with Anguezomo Mba Bikoro follows.

#15 Alliances with activists 07/12/2023 7-9 pm

Panel: Activist Art. Within the Human Rights Day 2023.
with Anton Kats, Khaled Barakeh, Michael(a) Daoud, Natalija Yefimkina / Moderation: Humza Abid
Podcast with İpek Çınar follows.

ARCHIV Artist Training Lab



Press Release 2022

The Open Call for the supervision is here.

Articel at ZIW-Blog



Head of program: Dr. Melanie Waldheim


Project Coordination: İpek Cınar

Assistant:  Bích Ngọc Lưu

Team 2022: Anna Rosa Alt, İpek Cınar, Dorna Dibaj, Lisa Eichhorn, Sophia Obermeyer 

Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS 2020/21

The DAAD project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS was a qualification program at the UdK Berlin Career College for artists in exile. From August 2020 to December 2021, professional artists were provided with educational videos about main subjects regarding to freelancing and self-employment for professionals. Furthermore, in-depth workshops, consulting, practical modules and excursion were offered to the participants. Teaching goals of the advanced training program were networking in the local cultural and creative industries, strategic positioning in the respective artistic orientation, and establishment on the Berlin job market.

This new cooperation with partners -Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, the Global Board Lower Saxony, and the project "INTRO" of the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg - and the respective experience exchange in the advanced training program were realized in form of a symposium called ARTIST CAREER FORUM II.


You can find the program here

Online Workshops: The workshops, in combination with learning videos, deepened basic knowledge across all sectors for the self-employment of artists. The workshops took place online. They were conducted by four different partners.

Videos: Based on the experience gained in the Artist Training's previous projects, specific and relevant content was offered in the DIGITAL BASICS format to all participants of the four locations across all industries. The basics of being self-employed were taught in each case by a learning video or learning materials with a workload of 20 minutes. Topics were: KSK by Harley Aussoleil, Media Law by Henner Merle, Taxes by Mahmoud Achour and Financing by Luca Borkowsky. Director was the Iranian filmmaker Sina Ataeian. Subtitle: German – English – Arabic – Farsi – Turkish.

The documentation of the videos you can find here

Consulting: Selected interdisciplinary or industry-specific lecturers offered individual consultations for all participants at the four cities. The focus was on feedback for submitted application documents and portfolios. In addition, advisors from associations and counselling centers who are qualified for the specific needs of refugees were requested. The goal was the individual competence development regarding their positioning on the market based on their application documents and personal objectives.

Modules: The Artist Training already had four years of experience with modularized continuing education in cooperation with the Film University Babelsberg. Two further modules therefore invited partners. The practice modules in Film and Fine Arts were conceptualized by an industry expert and an artist in exile together. The in-depth offer was initially aimed exclusively at the target group from the individual sectors. The objective was to get into the creative industries through application-oriented learning and to position oneself strategically in Berlin. A maximum of fifteen participants were accepted per module. To ensure a cohesive group, the selection was made by the module management.

Excursions: The excursions taook place in addition to the four workshop days and were led by experts and multipliers in the local music, visual, performing arts, and film scenes. 






For the second time there was be a meeting at 22nd April 2021 for decision-makers and artists in exile living in Berlin and this time also from Hamburg, Hannover and Babelsberg, to network and to exchange. You can find the conference program here.

The documentation to the conference with the recommendations for action is here.

Artist Training Lab for Radical Transformation was a new series of meetings from September 2020 to April 2021. Experts from the Artist Training and the field of anti-discrimination and organisational development were invited to contribute to the lab.The goal was to unpack structural discriminations and disparities within the UdK Berlin and institutions of the cultural sector and develop strategies to help to transform the field of our work. The lab was curated by the theatermaker and producer Chang Nai Wen, who has been with the Artist Training since 2016 and is an advocate of a culture scene with diversity, inclusion and equity. 


The DAAD-funded project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS offers all over Germany professional traing for artists in exile.

Press release

Articel ZIW-Blog


Head of Program: Dr. Melanie Waldheim


Project Coordination: NN

Project Administration: NN

Team: Friederike Ankele, Sina Ataeian, Sarah Hartmann, Moira Heuer, Anna Ilin, Monika Junker, Cornelia Lakomy, Monika Lampe-Streuber, Charlotte Kennel, Hoda Taheri, Monika Richter, Laura-Helen Rüge, Judith Weber


Partners and Sponsors

The project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS is offered by the UdK Berlin Career College and is funded by the DAAD and Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In cooperation with the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, the Global Board at Landesmusikakademie und Musikland Niedersachsen gGmbH, and INTRO of the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg.


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Online Workshops: How to freelance

THUR 19/10 13-16 pm How to navigate communication with (and within) white power structures (Intro Hamburg) – Yvette Robertson

THUR 02/11 13-16 pm How to join the artist security fund / KSK (UdK Berlin) – Harley Aussoleil

THUR 09/11 13-16 pm How to organize your money (UdK Berlin) – Mahmoud Achour

THUR 09/11 13-16 pm How to protect your rights / Media Law (UdK Berlin) – Martin Thiele

THUR 16/11 13-16 pm How to finance yourself: project and artists funding (UdK Berlin) – Lucas Borkowski

THUR 23/11 13-16 pm How to calculate your own fee (Intro Hamburg) – Epona Hamdan

THUR 30/11 13-16 pm How to position yourself in the media? (Intro Hamburg) – Aisha Camara

Registration for UdK Berlin:

Registration for INTRO Hamburg: intro[at]