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The Counseling Centre Artist Training Berlin offers initial consultation and referral for all fields at the University of Arts Berlin. The Counseling Centre is connected to the International Office, the Intercultural Mentoring, the General Student Counselling Office and the Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the UdK Berlin. The goal is to find tailor-made offers and contact persons for prospective students, students, researchers and professional artists with refugee backgrounds.


  1. Consultation or referral to counselling centres on the resumption and continuation of artistic or creative studies that were started abroad at the UdK Berlin
  2. Consultation and execution of offers for academic further education in the artistic and creative field
  3. Consultation and referral to counselling centres or qualification offers in Berlin for the transition into the labour market
  4. Consultation and referral for the continuation of a scientific professional career in the arts-related sciences at the UdK Berlin
  5. Consultation and referral for refugee women on the compatibility of family and studies, further qualification or career


For Whom?

Prospective students who had to give up their artistic or creative university studies in order to flee their countries or who want to start new studies

Graduates in artistic and creative fields or formal training in an artistic profession

Professional artists and designers who are looking for further education opportunities or consultation for self-employment

Young researchers in an arts-related field of the humanities and cultural studies who are looking for individual consultation for scholarships and research funding opportunities for the continuation of a scientific career or an institutional connection to the UdK Berlin

…with refugee backgrounds.



#Online workshop series “Out of Lockdown”

MUSIC: 25 June and 16 July 2020, DIY Strategies for Musicians: Breaking Out of Lockdown with Felix Gebauer & Jamila Al-Yousef

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FINE ARTS: 16 July 2020 Artists Intervention Through Solidarity, We Survive, moderation: Khaled Barakeh (Coculture)

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FILM: 15 September 2020 Submission for Film Funding with Henner Winckler und Jalal Maghout

More information: 

FINE ARTS intense: 30 November – 4 Dezember 2020 with Khaled Barakeh

FILM intense: 2 and 4 Dezember 2020 with Henner Winckler and Sina Ataeian


#Online workshop series “How to study at UdK Berlin”

College of Music and Jazz Institute Berlin: 14 September 2020, 9 am –1 pm, How to Study Music at UdK Berlin?

More information: 

College of Performing Arts and Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin: 21 September 2020, 9 am –1 pm, How to Study Performing Arts and Dance at UdK Berlin?

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College of Design: 19 October 2020, 9 am –1 pm, How to Study Design, Art & Media, (Visual) Communication and Architecture at UdK Berlin? (coming soon)

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College of Fine Arts: 9 November 2020, 9 am –1 pm, How to Study Fine Arts at UdK Berlin? 

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In collaboration with the International Office, der Student Office and Common Ground.

Registration: artisttraining-ziw[at]


#Open consultation by telephone

Wednesdays at 10-11 am, Berlin Career College of the UdK Berlin, Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 Berlin, Room 161

registration by email to: artisttraining-ziw[at]



Artist Training at UdK Demonstration KUNST RAUM STADT with Through Solidarity We Survive at 16 and 17 July 2020

Artist Training Prize for the best Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVE at 22 September 2020



Head of program: Dr. Melanie Waldheim 

Assistant: Hoda Taheri



Artist Training Berlin Postcard


The Project Artist Training Berlin is funded by the Governing Mayor of Berlin / Senate Chancellery - Science and Research.


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Hoda Taheri