Artist Training Berlin (2022-2024)

The Counseling Centre Artist Training Berlin offers initial consultation and referral for all fields at the University of Arts Berlin. The Counseling Centre is connected to the International Office, the Intercultural Mentoring, the General Student Counselling Office and the Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the UdK Berlin. The goal is to find tailor-made offers and contact persons for prospective students, students, researchers and professional artists with refugee backgrounds.

Since 2023 in collaboration with UdK, Common Ground



#Open Consultation wednesdays 10-11 am

Artist Training Berlin offers initial consultation for artists in exile in Berlin on the following topics:

- Continuation of artistic or creative studies as well as scientific career at the UdK Berlin

- Self-presentation as an artist

- Positioning to the labour market as a freelancer

- Networking in the artistic and creative fields

- Applying for artist or project funding

Please send your core questions as well as your CV/portfolio when registering for your consultation hour.

Contact: Melanie Waldheim, Berlin Career College of the UdK Berlin, Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 Berlin, room 161 / +49 30 3185 2710 / / Registration is here.


#Workshop-Series “How to Study at UdK Berlin” 2023-2024

The workshop series of the Artist Training Berlin "How to Study at UdK Berlin" provides further information about the offers at UdK Berlin from April to November 2023 for artist in exile. Four online workshops are in collaboration with the International Office, Student Office and Common Ground. Registration: artisttraining-ziw[at]

31 January 10 am - 13 pm / Online-Session How to Study at UdK Berlin? 


6 April 10-12 am / How to Study at UdK Berlin? Online-Session Guest Auditor+

26 April / How to Study Fine Arts at UdK Berlin? 4-6 pm, Café Hardenbergstr. 33 + Common Ground: Meet-up Tour & Talk 6-8 pm 

31 May / How to Study Design, Art & Media, (Visual) Communication and Architecture at UdK Berlin? 4-6pm, Grunewaldstraße 2-5 Medienhaus Aula + Common Ground Meet-Up Tour & Screening 6-8 pm

28 June / How to Study Music at UdK Berlin? 5-7 pm, Einsteinufer 43, Raum 116b + Common Ground Meet-Up: Tour & Jam Session 9 pm

12 July / How to Study Performing Arts and Dance? 4-6 pm + Common Ground Meet-up: Tour & Performance 6-8 pm

8 November / How to Study at UdK Berlin? Online-Session 13 - 15 pm, BBB 

29 November / How to Study at UdK Berlin? 10 - 12 am, UdK Berlin, Bundesallee 1-12, room 340 


Winner: Tetiana Malinovska & Artem Volokitin (Ukraine) und Ragda Alazizi (Syria)

The Artist Training Prize is a joint prize for all graduates of the Artist Training and Common Ground programs. The winner will have the opportunity for a public presentation at the UdK Rundgang on July 22-23, 2023. Open Call

(SA) 22/07/2023 12 – 9 pm Artem Volokitin & Tetiana Malinovska: Phoenix Project. Exhibition & Music & Artists Talk

(SO) 23/07/2023 6 - 8 pm Ragda Alazizi: Screening and talk

Venue: UdK Berlin, Hardenbergstrasse 33, 10623 Berlin, room 110

Artist Training Prize 2022: Abeer Mohamed with "Unfamiliar" // Documentation Open Day 2022

Discussion: Art is our Common Ground? 4th October 2023 6-8 pm / Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin within "Tage des Exils Berlin"

Panel Guests: Benjamin Glatte, Lima Vafadar, Narges Derakhshan, Forough Absalan, and Vincent Hulme / Opening: Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz / Moderation: Adela Lovrić

Art as a common ground. However, in reality, are the art academies in Germany accessible to all? Who feels entitled to art education? What are the criteria surrounding artistic expression? The student initiative Common Ground works on these questions for and with artists in exile. They support artists in navigating the application process and aim to open the doors of UdK Berlin to people in exile. In a joint reflection, four members look back on eight years of commitment to this cause, discussing the expectations that have been met and the challenges that remain. More information are herer.

Documentation Common Ground 2016-2023: in English / Arabic (Translation Michaela Daoud) / Farsi (Translation Forough Absalan) und Ukrainian (Translation Yevheniia Perutska)



AG Students, Artists, Scholars at Risk (im 2-Wochen-Takt seit 2022). Bei Interesse bitte E-Mail schreiben an: artisttraining-ziw[at]



Head of program: Dr. Melanie Waldheim 

Assistant: Sophia Obermeyer

Common Ground Consulting: Mudar Al-Khufash, Yevheniia Perutska, Sel

Common Ground Studio: Vincent Hulme, Forough Absalan



The project Artist Training Berlin is funded by the Senate Department for Higher Education and Research, Health, Long-Term Care and Gender Equality from Berlin.


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