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The project ARTIST TRAINING is a qualification program offered by the UdK Berlin Career College aimed at the qualification, consulting, and networking of artists in exile. Since 2016, 47 modules have provided information and contacts for about 700 participants from the following fields: music, fine arts, performing arts, film and in the beginning also culture and media. Otherwise there are networking events and consulting sessions. During 2020 - 2021 three partners (Babelsberg, Hamburg, Hannover) offered videos, workshops, excursions and consulting sessions about the basics of freelancing. The project’s goals are networking within the cultural and creative industries by getting to know key figures in the institutions, self-establishment on the labor market and the respective strategic positioning in regard to artistic orientation. Additionally, there is a weekly consulting session which was introduced in 2019.



Offers for all artists in exile

The Councelling Center Artist Training Berlin provides information for all artists in exile who want to access Berlin University of the Arts as a student, an alumni, as a professional or as a researcher.

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Artist Training News

Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS: In addition, Online Workshop series: How to Frelance  How to finance yourself: project and artists funding (UdK Berlin) – Lucas Borkowski, Registration:

Artist Training Berlin and UdK Common Ground starts the Workshop series "How to Study" on  29 November / How to Study at UdK Berlin? 10 - 12 am, UdK Berlin, Bundesallee 1-12, room 340

Artist Training Prize 2023 winner: Artem Volokitin & Tetiana Malinovska (Ukraine) und Ragda Al Azez (Syria).

Artist Training was invited to participate at the 17th Berlin-forum by the society Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, focusing on the meaning of culture for the cohesion of society at Radialsystem Berlin, March 27th. Melanie Waldheim introduced Artist Training as a programm and discussed the nexus of art, democracy and exile and Berlin as a home port for artists in exile together with Selmin Çalışkan, Svetlana Müller and Wassim Mukdad. This theme will be elaborated upon more within a working group. More information can be found here.

Artist Training Berlin Consultation hours Wednesdays 10-11 am. Topics are the continuation of artistic or creative studies as well as scientific career at the UdK Berlin / Self presentation as an artist / Positioning to the labour market as a freelancer / Networking in the artistic and creative fields / Applying for artist or project funding. Registration is here.

The Artist Training Lab on the topic "How to create a safer space I-III" is a continuation of the series of events on transformation processes since September 2020, focusing on the development of tools for a diversity-sensitive UdK Berlin. Reflection on the three workshops took place below in interviews of participants. The podcasts are published on the Critical Diversity Blog of the UdK Berlin and other providers: Next date is Artist Training Lab ist #13 Students, Scholars and Artists at risk - Allianzen am 9th of Juni 2023.

Insights of Artist Training

Artist Training Project graphic 2023 (March 2023)

Documentation Artist Training DIGITALS BASICS (December 2022)

Article at ZIW-Blog (November 2022)

Documentation of the ARTIST CAREER FORUM II (July 2021)

Documentation of videos (December 2020)

Artist Training 2016-2020: Conversations on Exile (December 2020)

Documentation Artist Training: Refugee Class for Professionals (March2018)

Documentation of the ARTIST CAREER FORUM I (December 2016)

Media documentation Artist Training 2016-2020 (December 2020)


Media documentation Artist Training (2016-2020)

Artist Training 2016-2020: Conversations on Exile​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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Offer for all professional artist in exile

From May to November 2023 four coaching programmes are offered as well as the workshop series Artist Training Lab for diversity-sensitive transformation processes.

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More Programmes / Services at UdK Berlin

Since 2015 many projects with and for artists in exile have been initiated at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin):

Offers of the UdK Berlin for students and artists at risk

What to do about discriminination?

(DE) Angebote von Kunsthochschulen für geflüchtete Menschen 




















Information and press comments about previous projects of Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS (DAAD), Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES (ESF), Artist training for Professionals, Artist Training: Refugee Class for Professionals and Refugee Class for Professionals can be found here Archive