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The project ARTIST TRAINING is a qualification program offered by the UdK Berlin Career College aimed at the qualification, consulting, and networking of artists in exile. Since 2016, 47 modules have provided information and contacts for about 700 participants from the following fields: music, fine arts, performing arts, film and at the beginning culture and media. Otherwise there are networking events and consulting sessions. 2020 - 2021 three partners (Babelsberg, Hamburg, Hannover) offered videos, workshops, excursions and consulting sessions about the basics of freelancing. The project’s goals are networking within the cultural and creative industries by getting to know key figures in the institutions, self-establishment on the labor market and the respective strategic positioning in regard to artistic orientation. Additionally, there is a weekly consulting session, which was introduced in 2019.



Artist Training Berlin // for all artists in exile

Starting in 2022, the Artist Training Berlin (2022-2024) will provide information to all refugees seeking admission to the Berlin University of the Arts. 


Programme / Services at UdK Berlin

Since 2015 many projects with and for refugees have been initiated at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin), both on a student and institutional level. What follows is a brief introduction of current programs / services:

Link: Committment for refugees

Link Solidarity for Ukraine

Link: What to do about discriminination


Artist Training News

Artist Training Berlin Consultation hours Wednesdays 10-11 am: topics are: Continuation of artistic or creative studies as well as scientific career at the UdK Berlin / Self presentation as an artist / positioning to the labour market as a freelancer / Networking in the artistic and creative fields / Applying for artist or project funding. Contact is at the end of the website.

Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS started with new courses with workshops, excursions and consultings for Music, Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Film from October to November 2022. Registration is here. Interview at the ZIW-Blog is here.

The Artist Training Lab for Radical Transformation 2022 is the continuation of a series of events that took place over eight dates from September 2020 to June 2021, which culminated in the ARTIST CAREER FORUM II on April 11, 2021. One year later, clear tools on "How to create a safer space" topic are to be developed and implemented in three further meetings with internal experts for Anti Discrimination. More information are here. Recommendations for actions from ARTIST CAREER FORUM II are here.

Winner of the Open Call Artist Training Prize 2022 for artists in exile of the programme Artist Training and Common Ground is Abeer Mohamed. UdK Artist Training and Common Ground Initiative would like to showcase one artistic work by our alumni at UdK Open Days (Rundgang) on July 23 and 24, a firmly established event in Berlin‘s culture summer! The prize of 2,500 € is a community award and was selected by the participants of the Artist Training Pitch on 23 June 2022.

The new workshop series of the Artist Training Berlin "How to Study at UdK Berlin" provides further information about the offers at UdK Berlin in May 2022 for artist in exile. Four online workshops are in collaboration with the International Office, Student Office and Common Ground. Information: Registration: artisttraining-ziw[at]

The University of the Arts Berlin, like all Berlin universities, is in limited operation under pandemic conditions.The Berlin University of the Arts will provide up-to-date information on all measures to be taken in operation under pandemic conditions by the following link:

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Media documentation Artist Training (2016-2020)

Artist Training 2016-2020: Conversations on Exile​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS // for all professional artist in exile

From August 2020 to December 2021, different programmes will be developed and provided for artists in exile: modules, workshops, excursions, videos and from August to December 2022 a coaching programme as well as the workshop series Artist Training Lab for diversity-sensitive transformation processes.


Informationen and presse comments about previous projects of Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS (DAAD), Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES (ESF), Artist training for Professionals, Artist Training: Refugee Class for Professionals and Refugee Class for Professionals can be found under Archive