Refugee Class for Professionals February - August 2016

Since February 2016, the Berlin Career College has been offering free continuing education and networking opportunities on an unsalaried basis for fled artists, creatives and employees in media with the Refugee Class. The programm has been extended in respect of the needs of the participants and is supported by renowned teachers and externals on a voluntary basis and unsalaried. The following modules have been offered so far:

Module 1: Orientation and Networking

Module 2: Working in Creative Professions in Germany

Module 3: Self-management and self-marketing for musicians

Module 4: Refugee Class for Professionals in Culture and Media

Module 5: Refugee Class for Professionals in Performing Arts

Module 6: Refugee Class goes Filmuniversität Babelsberg

Radio features about the Refugee Class

Deutschlandfunk, 02.03.2016 
Networking for fled artists
Verena Kemna reports on the first module of the Refugee Class, which took place from February 29th to March 4th at Bundesallee 1-12 and welcomed an average of 40 participants per day. The target group of the special course offerings included people with artistic professions who had to flee their homes and hope for a new career in Berlin. At the end of this orientation week there was no certificate but first orientation approaches.

SWR2 06.05.2016 
Refugee Class at the University of the Arts Berlin: Welcome to the labor market!
The second module of the Refugee Class for Professionals took place from May 2nd to 4th. The course self-management and self-marketing for musicians focused on fled musicians, offering them an introduction to self-marketing and self-management as well as an overview of the basics of the music market. Marlene Küster from SWR2 reports on the course in her audio reportage and gives an insight into the procedure of the event.

Refugee Class