Artist Training for Professionals

The project ARTIST TRAINING for Professionals is a qualification opportunity offered by the Berlin Career College aiming to the qualification, consulting and networking of artists in exile. During the three editions of the project from July 2018 to June 2020, in addition to an introductory course, four complementary modules provide information and contacts on the following four fields: music, fine arts, performing arts and film. Networking-events facilitate connections within the respective artistic sector, while consulting activities examine in depth individual situations. Goals are the networking with the Berlin cultural and creative industries by getting to know the institutions and their employees, the establishment on the Berlin labor market and the strategic positioning in the respective artistic orientation.

Artist Training Project overview

Artist Training Showroom at UdK Rundgang July 20th to 22nd 2018

with module-supervisors and alumni from the previous project Artist Training: Refugee Class for Professionals

July 20th, 13 – 18 COMMON GROUND Workshops Mvmt&Rythm
July 20th, 18 – 19 Panel ARTIST TRAINING: Limits for Artists in Exile

July 21st, 11 – 14 Showroom FILM
July 21st, 16 – 19 Showroom PERFORMING ARTS

July 22nd, 11 – 14 Showroom FINE ARTS
July 22nd, 16 – 18 Showroom MUSIC

Modules (Theory and Practice) in 3 editions

BASIC – Melanie Waldheim & Wasim Ghrioui  
MUSIC – Felix Gebauer & Wassim Mukdad  
PERFORMING ARTS – Anna Volkland & Anis Hamdoun
FINE ARTS – Khaled Barakeh & NN   
FILM – Henner Winckler & Jalal Maghout


Within the scope of individual consultations on various overlapping and field-specific topics, the participants of the Artist Training receive individual notes on procedures according to their respective situation.


The MindLab# is a format promoting the networking of fugitive artists and creatives with representatives from the Berlin cultural and creative industries for future joint projects.


Please click here for more information about the project and press reports:

To Archive Refugee Class 2016

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Head of Project: Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer

Head of Program: Dr. Melanie Waldheim

Module-Coordination: Manuela Goschy

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Partners and supporters

The project Artist Training for Professionals is promoted with means of the European Union (European Social Fund). In cooperation with the Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.