Whether you’re active in the arts, work in the creative branch and wish to develop professionally or you just adore art and wish to deepen your knowledge and abilities, Berlin University of the Arts' Berlin Career College offers a multifaceted continuing education programme. Accreditation courses, master programmes, workshops and international summer universities await artists, creatives and enthusiasts who wish to expand their education at one of the largest artistic academies in the world. Our broad spectrum of further education offerings is based on up-to-date primary research results on extended education needs in creative industries.


A look behind the Scenes

How multifaceted is the continuing education programme at the Berlin University of the Arts? This filmic look behind the scenes illustrates the wide educational offer at the UdK Berlin Career College: master programmes, accreditation courses and the international Summer University of the Arts offer continuing education programmes in the stimulating environment of the Berlin University of the Arts.

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