Berlin Career College offers a multifaceted continuing education programme at Berlin University of the Arts. Accreditation courses, masters programmes, international summer universities and the Artist Training await artists, creatives and enthusiasts. A warm welcome to one of the largest artistic academies in the world!


Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2024

Starting in June, the Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2024 offers a wide range of workshops in all artistic disciplines and beyond. Get inspired, focus on your art and make lasting connections in international and transdisciplinary settings at UdK Berlin.

This year’s theme Territories and Interfaces will centre around the city of Berlin as the venue, territory and object of artistic research. We will trace demarcation lines and boundaries in urban space, go in search of the spaces in between, and explore how we can create new spaces or (re)occupy the previously undescribed. Making spaces of the 'in-between' visible and creating new accessibilities, we will seek out new possibilities to interact in and with urban space. Course registration is open.

Artist Training – Counselling Centre

The Counselling Centre Artist Training Berlin offers initial counselling and further placement for all artistic-creative areas and is located at the Berlin Career College. The Counseling Centre is connected to the International Office, the Intercultural Mentoring, the General Student Counselling Office and the Equal Opportunities Commissioner of the UdK Berlin. The goal is to find tailor-made offers and contact persons for prospective students, students, researchers and professional artists with refugee backgrounds. There is also the project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS: A DAAD-funded qualification programme based at the Berlin Career College. The programme supports artists in exile in close cooperation with the International Office of the UdK Berlin.