Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS Online Workshop - Taxes

Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS (UdK Berlin) presents:
THUR 09/11 13-16 pm: How to organize your money / Mahmoud Achour

In this workshop of “Basics to Accounting” you will learn how to create your own tax return.
We will cover the following topics:
- Basics of VAT and income tax (Umsatz- und Einkommensteuer)
- Filing system: differentiating between income and expenses
- Creating an income and surplus account
- Business expenses and receipts management
- ABCs of business expenses: car, food, telephone, travel
- How to write off expenses and low value assets
- Tax rates in Germany and VAT exemption (Umsatzsteuerbefreiung / Kleinunternehmerregelung)
- VAT returns (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldungen)
- Options and obligations when submitting the tax return to the tax office, e.g. tax programs, ELSTER, certificates
? Tips about communication and dealing with tax authorities, tax advisors, accountants and lawyers, e.g. tax law

Mahmoud Achour was born in Saarbrücken in 1972. He completed his studies at the faculty of law of the Universität Hannover (University of Hannover). His vocation as a lawyer first emerged during his legal clerkship. Accordingly, he made the practice of law the focal point of his education and training. He began his career working for a medium-sized law firm in Dortmund and completed his training in a Berlin office specializing in commercial law, where he continued to work after his bar examination. He passed the bar in 2003. Following further specialized experience in a commercial law office in Berlin, he founded the law firm Achour, which gradually expanded into the partnership company Achour & Partners still existing today. Since 2011 Mahmoud has further added the practice of fiscal law to his expertise.
Languages of correspondence: German, English, French and Arabic.
Main areas of legal practice: Commercial Law (e.g. corporate law), Fiscal Law / Fiscal Advice (tax consultancy), Criminal Law / Economic Law, Real Estate Law

The workshop is held in English and is free of charge.
Total of participants: 10
Registration until 5 November:

The DAAD project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS is since 2020 a qualification program at the UdK Berlin Career College for artists in exile. Teaching goals of the advanced training program were networking in the local cultural and creative industries, strategic positioning in the respective artistic orientation, and establishment on the Berlin job market. For the prolongation from August to December 2022 and April to December 2023 are four Coaching Programs plus one networking event as well as an online workshop series for artists in exile planned and the event series Artist Training Lab about diversity oriented Transformation processes.

More information:

The project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS is offered by the UdK Berlin Career College and is funded by the DAAD and Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The online workshop series is in cooperation with INTRO of the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg.

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09.11.2023 – 09.11.2023
3 Stunden Stunden

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