Artist Training Berlin - Course: Empowerment Strategies for creators

Artist Training Berlin – Course Program 2024
16 July to 29 October 2024 “Empowerment Strategies for creators - from survival mode to building resilience” by Jamila Al-Yousef

Many freelance artists struggle to make a living and do that in a mentally healthy manner, especially artists of color and art creators with discrimination experiences such as racism, sexism or ableism. This course aims at helping you navigate through these challenges on three different levels. In this course we will:
1) train concrete tools such as getting funding, organizing events, creating an artist profile, interacting on social media and digital platforms, being insured, finding an agency, getting the most out of networking and showcase events etc. 2) Work on empowerment strategies to build up resilience and stay mentally healthy. 3) How to be in solidarity with each other and overcome gate keeping.
As an experienced anti-racism and empowerment trainer in the cultural sector, as well as a touring musician and theatre performer I invite you on a journey of getting both more professional in your art field and at the same time remembering and boosting your resilience.
Jamila Al-Yousef is a musician, theatre performer, coach and consultant on empowerment, power sharing and intersectional/racism-critical cultural work.

16 July + 3 September + 1 + October + 29 October 11-18:00
Deadline application: 11 July 2024

Venue: Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin Career College / Zentralinstitut für Weiterbildung, Bundesallee 1-12, D-10719 Berlin, room 341

Participation in the Artist Training qualification program is free of charge. Language is English. An application with CV and/or portfolio is necessary. You can apply directly:

Since 2016 the Artist Training provides 51 modules containing information and contacts for about 800 artists in exile and creatives from the following fields: music, culture and media, fine arts, performing arts, and film. Networking events facilitate connections within the respective artistic sectors, while consulting activities examine in depth individual situations.

The Counselling Centre Artist Training Berlin offers initial counselling and further placement for all artistic-creative areas and is located at the Berlin Career College of the Berlin University of the Arts.

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16.07.2024 – 29.10.2024