Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS - PERFORMING ARTS Coaching Progam 2023

Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS – PERFORMING ARTS coaching program 2023

“Body Practice” by Nora Amin & Maryna Makarenko

Artist Training Coaching Program in PERFORMING ARTS offers workshop and mentoring sessions to all body-based practitioners: performers, dancers, actors etc based in Berlin. The first session of the program will focus on finding out the participants' needs and interests that would be closely explored in the second workshop session. Besides that we will visit Berlin-based venues and meet representatives from relevant organisations, like Internationales Theaterinstitut (ITI) / German Centre of the International Theatre Institute, which includes many projects/initiatives (i.e. Touring Artists, Digitalization projects, Studio2 & residencies). We will also visit a model of independent theatre association working on Theatre of the Oppressed, to understand how socio-politically engaged art can be formed in solidarity and how to initiate critical practices of community training and performance. The program offers a final networking event where artistic formats from the participants can be presented and discussed. Individual mentoring sessions are also offered, constituting almost half the hours of the program. The mentoring tandem for the program are Nora Amin, choreographer, performer and author, and Maryna Makarenko, multidisciplinary artist and performer.

We will also support you in developing your individual strategies, creative path and networking skills. This program is being held in English (and Ukrainian if necessary).

Time table:

FR 29/09 Workshop
- First gathering to get to know the group and their needs (2h)
- The workshop on applications and funding (4h)

WED 4/10
15-17:00 Excursion I: Bethanien – German Centre of the International Theatre Institute
Thomas Engel (director), Felix Sodemann (Touring Artists) / Internationales Theaterinstitut (ITI), Christine Henniger (Media Library, digitilization projects, Studio2 & residencies)

18:00-20:00 Excursion II: Kuringa
Venue for Theatre of the Oppressed, theatre association, independent performing arts initiative & festival, participatory theatre for social change.
Grüntaler Str. 35, 13359 Berlin

SUN 21/10 Panda event
– Networking and artistic presentations,
Preparation and discussion (2h), showing (2h)

+ individual consultations (time to be confirmed individually)
+ videos about KSK, Media Law, Taxes and Financing

Venue: Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin Career College / Zentralinstitut für Weiterbildung, Bundesallee 1-12, D-10719 Berlin, room 341

Participation in the qualification program of the UdK Berlin Career College is free of charge. A registration is with CV and/or portfolio is necessary. You can register until 25th of September directly:

The DAAD project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS is a qualification program at the UdK Berlin Career College for exiled artists. The teaching goals of the continuing education programs are networking in the local cultural and creative industries, strategic positioning in the respective artistic orientation and establishing oneself in the job market.

Since 2016 the Artist Training provides 47 modules containing information and contacts for about 700 artists in exile and creatives from the following fields: music, culture and media, fine arts, performing arts, and film. Networking events facilitate connections within the respective artistic sectors, while consulting activities examine in depth individual situations.

More information:

The project Artist Training DIGITAL BASICS is an offer of the UdK Berlin Career College and is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Jamila Al-Yousef

29.09.2023 – 04.10.2023