Artist Training for Professionals FINE ARTS III

FINE ARTS III - Empower, Navigate, Participate, 9 - 13 Dec 2019

Artist Training FINE ARTS is an offer for artists in exile from the field of visual and fine arts. The goal of the module FINE ARTS is to give a better understanding of how to navigate the art world in Germany. Alongside the workshop, participants will have the chance to create new networks and a niche for themselves in the creative industry. The course is addressed to professional artists only, registrations with a Portfolio or CV is required. The program is free of charge.

Contemporary art today is part of a complex and interwoven global system that consists not only of art itself but also has developed specific structures, knows specific processes and obeys certain rules. It is an operating system in itself with national and international rules, peculiarities and partly invisible boundaries. What formalities (CV, Portfolio, Website, Instagram, etc.) do I have to create and demonstrate to find access? How do I improve my personal communication and how do I perform? How and where can I participate and access this operating system? The Artist Training FINE ARTS III offers various tutorials and workshops to better participate and access different realities of the commercial and non-commercial fields.

Supervisors FINE ARTS – Khaled Barakeh & Katia Reich

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Run period:
09.12.2019 – 13.12.2019
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Application deadline exceeded. Limited vacancies are still available.