The project Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES is a qualification program for artist collectives from the sectors of music, fine arts, performing arts, film, and an interdisciplinary working group. Artist Training offers a support for five months with a full program: a training unit consisting of 30 hours with monthly workshops according to individual goals, two individual consultations, the presentation of artistic work at a venue and the exchange among all groups. In addition, the Digital BASICS convey basic topics of self-employment with two hours of online teaching and 12 hours of in-depth workshops. The program is held in English and is free of charge.
Artist Training INTERDISCIPLINARY II is curated by Sina Ataeian & David Ruf.
The upcoming INTERDISCIPLINARY COLLECTIVE II program will be built around the applicants` concepts of creating a new collective. We invite artists from all creative fields - from visual arts, performative arts, film, literature and music to join and help us build this collective.
The Artist Training project is open to professional artists in exile living in Berlin, the Open Call is addressed to artists of all genres. One can apply individually and as a group.

Artist Training seeks individuals and artistic groups with an interest in developing interdisciplinary aspects on current social-political topics.
Artist Training has a focus on proposals with a focus on social discourses that currently lack diversity: climate change, political participation, the future of democracy and civil society, digitalization and innovation, feminism, queer theory, and intersectionality. 
30-hour training unit with workshops, consulting, networking and presentation from January to Mai 2021 + 14 hours of basics of how to work as a freelancer in Germany. 
Kickoff meeting: 8th of January 10 am registration / 10.30 am to 2.30 pm Workshop
One-on-one consultation session based on your personal goals.
A platform for presentation in Berlin, promotion of the artist work and becoming part of a collective.
Every member of the collective or individual applicant has to register with:
Artist’s Portfolio with most relevant projects in the last two years, including photos and links (max. three pages). 
If applying as team, a bio/portfolio or introduction of the group (If applying individually please upload your portfolio again here).
This round of application for the INTERDISCIPLINARY COLLECTIVES II does not require a written concept as we want to collaborate and create the concept for the collective during the program. Feel free to upload a photo that could be an inspiration for our new collective.

Artist Training ARTISTIC COLLECTIVES is promoted with means from the European Union (European Social Fund) and the state of Berlin.

01.01.2021 – 31.05.2021